Allison died. She died saving her friends.


do you have those shows that you just pretend got cancelled after a certain season/episode and any following episodes just never existed in the first place?


never forget that in the middle of the apocalypse dean thought it necessary to point out how cute cas looks when he’s sleeping and sam was like, “dean, the world is ending and cas is not supposed to sleep, pls focus on something other than him being cute”

Meanwhile in Beacon Hills

Derek: As your president of the Scott McCall fan club, I first want to welcome you all to our biweekly meeting. There's a lot to discuss, but before we begin, our vice-president has an announcement to make. Here's the microphone, Stiles.
Stiles: Thank you, Derek. Now, I have the pleasure to introduce to you our newest member, Brett Talbot!
Brett: Thank you, thank you. I glad to be here.
Derek: And we're happy to have you. Your heart-felt speech to the selection committee was moving.
Brett: When will I get my button?
Derek: The vice-president will provide you with a "I Love Scott McCall"-button shortly.


Done for the Sterekfest.

First words I heard, clear as a bell: “Dean Winchester is saved.”

How Dean reveals he is bisexual…


Sam: I’m not kidding, Dean. This is the dumbest thing you’ve ever done.

Dean: Yeah, I heard that one. Forgot about that waiter in Tampa?

Sam: I thought you said waitress.




hannah x cas

Fucking perfect



#they look like furious parents waiting up for their teenager to get home at ass-o-clock in the morning

just imagine the planning that teenager had to do to get out of the house in the first place


I wish there would just be one episode of spn where they catered to the destiel fandom and it would be perfect omf


#Dean’s like #nonononono #things were going so good. you were gonna ride shotgun #and we were going to go get burgers #cause i know you don’t have to eat but you love those #and everyone needs a burger after purgatory #and then we were gonna go back to the hotel #and we were gonna get in bed #and i wasn’t gonna say anything when you sat down in the chair accross from me #and watched over me#becuase i may have shot you down in front of sam #but half the reason it took me so long to even start sleeping right after purgatory #was because i didn’t feel safe /without/ you watching over me #so goddamnit why can’t you. (via deanosaur)